Bob Holmes - President

The driving force of the company!  Anyone that knows Bob knows his experience and the fact that he is very hands on!  Bob took over the family business from his father Doug who started the original Holmes Bindery in 1955.

Bob is on the go and in fact, so is his whole family!  He loves anything motorized that moves fast on land, snow or water.  He will race you and he will win!
bob holmes
Kelly Cosgrove - Reception

The voice that greets you on the phone!  Kelly does so much more than answer the phone.  Docket creation and management, invoice creation and great conversations with anyone who comes to visit!

Kelly cooks!  She enjoys the cottage and loves driving the boat, sunny days and laughing with family and friends. 
kelly cosgrove
Vino Chandrakumar - Shipping/Production

Vino has been with the company since 2001.  He's learned everything working alongside Bob and handles a lot of work.  Getting the product out the door and to you on time!

Vino is really involved with his family.  If he's not here, he's with them tearing up the town!  And not just this town, everybodys' town.  Big Cricket fan. 
vino chandrakumar
karen fretz
Karen Fretz - Estimating/Production

Karen started working in the Book Binding trade in 1982 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team.  She can help you with pricing as well as questions about production and timing.

Karen loves gardening and has two small dogs.  The smallest, Jasmine, visits at work sometimes.  She enjoys the outdoors and music.
Cathy Zerdin - Estimating/Layouts

Cathy has been working in the business since 1985 and has done production but found she loved customer service and pricing.  Just ask, she'll do anything for you!

Cathy has been known to hang out with "The Moose".  She enjoys the cottage and can often be heard laughing.  She's quick as a Roadrunner.

cathy zerdin
Matthew Fretz - Quality Control

Matthew started working at Holmes in 1980 in folding and has experience in production coordination and shift management.

Matthews' whole family are musicians.  He enjoys recording bands at his home studio.  He's never met a computer he didn't like, or so he says.

matthew fretz
heather holmes
Heather Holmes - Office Manager/Accounts

Heather has been crunching numbers since 1978.  She keeps the office staff organized and manages personnel.

Family is tops!  Heather enjoys the cottage, boats and speed.  We say nice things to her, she handles the paychecks.

scott atherley
Scott Atherley - Maintenance/JHSC Chair

Scott has worked in the Printing/Bindery trade since 1998.  He brings a wealth of mechanical experience to the Holmes team and always has a fix or upgrade on the go!

Scott enjoys spending time with family.  He loves to work on classic automobiles and also spends time hunting and fishing.  He also enjoys music and DJs functions for those who ask nicely.
Uthaya S - Cutting

Uthaya has been with us since 2001.  He is meticulous and very quality conscious.  His attention to detail shows in the level of quality he produces and passes on to his cutting crew.

He loves his family and travel in Ontario.  Working on the perfect lawn.

satya singh
Satya Singh - Folding

Satya has been folding since 1986.  If it can be done, he's the guy that will do it and do it well!  If it can't be done, he will still find a way.  Never say never!

Enjoys trips to New York city to visit family and loves  to share a good joke.  Working on the ultimate practical joke.

bill hicks
Bill Hicks - Stitching

Bill is a career Stitcher Operator and has been making quality books since 1979.  He makes your product look great!

Bill loves sports and dreams of fronting his own band.  He has hair that looks like it's blown by an invisible wind.

dave pike
Dave Pike - Perfect Binding

Dave runs a tight ship and does it with amazing quality!  His binder crew know how to keep things moving and he knows his machine inside out!

Dave enjoys his family and friends and a good laugh.  His Perfect Binding machine won't go anywhere without him.

Kamala S - Handwork

Kamala has been perfecting her handwork skills since 1993.  She manages a large team of ladies that produce top quality jobs!

Family is her joy!  She travels with them around the world.  Ask her to show you a picture of them and you'll be there a while.

andy delos angeles
Andy Delos Angeles - Die Cutting

Andy is the newest member of our team.  He brings a wealth of experience with him and has been die cutting since 1996.  He is fussy and has the cleanest workspace around.

Andy loves music, going out downtown and spending time with family and friends.  Loves a good laugh. 

The Finishing House
Bindery at its best
Everyone here is part of the team, from the drivers out on the road through the workers on the plant floor to the staff in the office.  We work hard to produce a great product which is only achievable with employees who understand quality.  We are all proud of our company and the Holmes family name is on everything we do.  We believe in people and we believe in teamwork.  We are the team at Holmes.

At Holmes, we believe in people.  We are a family run business and value relationships.  Relationships with our customers that are built on trust.  Relationships with one another that are strengthened every day, just like a family.
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