AODA Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

Holmes the Finishing House is committed to working towards and meeting the
deadlines for compliance with the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation as
laid out by the Government of Ontario.

As a company, we commit to work with our employees, business partners and
management groups to accommodate and give equal opportunity and access to
our business and employment.

Training sessions will be held to keep employees informed and current on the
AODA installments either in small groups or individually.  Training will take place in
house and use recommended online video supplied by the Government of Ontario.
January 1, 2014 (extended to August) - Training on Customer Service
January 1, 2015 - Training on The Human Rights Code as it pertains to persons
with disabilities
January 1, 2016 - Employment Standards - Integrated Accessibility Standards
Regulation. This portion of the regulation contains several requirements involving
revamping existing human resources practices to explicitly consider and respond to
accessibility issues in the workplace relating to, for example, recruitment,
accommodation, performance management, career development and return-to-
work processes.
January 1, 2017 - Recruitment, Information for Employees, Process to
Accommodate Employees, Accessible Formats and Communication Supports in
January 1, 2021 - Website compliance with WCAG 2.0
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