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Minimum and Maximum Sizes  **see below**

Maximum sheet size: 54" (width) x 57.5"

Die Cutting (Heidelberg)
Gripper: .75"
Minimum sheet size: 9" width
Maximum sheet size: 26.375" x 21.25"

Die Cutting (Moll Flexcut 760)
Minimum sheet size: 17" W x 11" L
Maximum sheet size: 30" W x 30" L
Minimum Substrate Thickness: 10 pt paper stock
Maximum Substrate Thickness: 24 pt paper stock
Minimum sheet size:  4" x 4"
Maximum sheet size: 33.375" x 72"
Minimum fold size: 1.5"
Maximum fold size: 25.5"

Minimum trim size: 2.875" x 4" (spine)
Maximum trim size: 12" x 17"
Minimum trim size for 2 up: 2.875" x 5.5" (.25" gutter)
Perfect Binding
Minimum trim size: 4" x 5.5"
Maximum trim size: 10" x 15.75"
Maximum oblong size: 11.875" x 8.5" (spine)
Minimum spine thickness: .120"
Maximum spine thickness: 2.125"
22 Pockets

Maximum Automatic sheet size: 9" x 12"
Maximum Hand Punch: 14" (single). Longer sheets can be flipped and punched to acheive more width.
Maximum sheet thickness: 40 pt backer
Plastic is problematic.  Some may punch.
Trap Pack Sealing
Maximum size: 12" x 14"

**As always, there are exceptions to the numbers listed above.  It is always recommended to check with our Estimating Department before assuming a job will run.  These sizes are given as a general reference only.  Some machines can go slightly larger or smaller with modifications.  Check with Estimating, please.**