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35lb Web Stock!
Almost toilet paper!  ;)

Multifeeder dropping a 2 page into a 4 page section getting plow folded.  Send us your challenging jobs and we'll get it done!
Double Plow Fold.

Heavier card stock with a deep perf didn't need to go through the folder and risk weakening the hold.  Paper banded making it nice and neat for packing.
Oblong Food Product Holder

Running an oblong product for food packaging on our Versa Fold.  The Versa Fold can be added to the Flexcut for complete inline Diecutting, strip and fold/glue combinations on long run product.  The combinations are endless!
Triple Application Product Mailer

This little Mailer has two strips of permanent D-Tape and a single Tear Strip to help the end user open after it arrives in the mail.  Easy as 1-2-3!