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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a new client.  How do I start the ball rolling?

Welcome!  Start by getting your quote from our Estimating Department.  If you get the job based on our quoted price and would like to use us, let your Estimator know.  You will be asked to fill out a standard New Client form.  After that, you can speak to our Production Department to arrange timing, pick up of the printed job.  We recommend sending a Purchase Order with complete job information and instructions as well as a mock up or sample of the finished product.  Complete and accurate information accompanied by a sample is the best way to have your job completed exactly as your customer would like it finished.  Thousands of dollars can ride on a single job so why take any chances?  If you don't send us enough information, our Production team will be contacting you.
Do I need a PO?

We require communication from you in written form to begin processing your order.  These are our instructions from you on what to do with your customers' job.  Don't leave it to memory and try to give verbal instructions.  Write it down and plan for success!

Do I need a Sample?

It always helps to leave nothing to chance.  A sample is a visual example of your written instructions.  Once you send all the information and the job to us, the next time you see the job it will be completed.
Do you take Credit Cards for Payment?

Yes!  We're happy to put your order through this way.  We take Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  Call and ask to speak with Heather.

How Do I Layout my job?  Or Do you have a preference for the Layout?

Just call our Estimating Department to discuss your layout.  They can help you determine if we require a specific layout in order to run your job as quoted.  If the job arrives and we are unable to run it as the quote, you may incur extra charges.  Certain processes such as our Die Cutter have very specific needs for the layout of the job and we may not be able to do it in house which can result in extras.  We want to have things run as smoothly and efficiently as possible to help you avoid cost overuns.  Ask for a layout.
What are your Minimum and Maximum Sizes?

You can find a general guide here.  For specifics, please contact our Estimating Department.

When do you charge overtime?

Overtime is charged on jobs done over the weekend.  A premium may be charged on jobs requiring a "Rush" status to complete that are outside of operating norms or are required more urgently than the turn around in the quote.  Turn around times should be discussed in the quoting stage to avoid surprises or when the production turn around is discussed if it was not quoted for weekend or premium turn around times.